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Eco-safe driving is concerned with driving in such a manner that results

in less polluting chemicals being released into the atmosphere and also an efficient use of fuel. Although this is a new phrase in the motoring world, the way to go about it has been practised by careful drivers for many years.

Our course is designed give you the best techniques that keep fuel consumption at a minimum, reduce pollution and give you an understanding of the economy of your car.

Eco-Safe Driving Course Benefits are:

Save Money by Driving with Less Wear & Tear on your Vehicle & More Miles Per Gallon
To reduce the risk of a driving-related accident
To reduce the stress caused by driving
To reduce the potential time taken away from work due to an accident of stress-related illness
To reduce the potential of long term disability
To reduce the potential of trauma to your family or other road users
To reduce the potential cost of vehicle repairs
To potentially reduce or contain vehicle insurance costs
To potentially reduce or contain employer liability costs
To potentially reduce additional employee cover costs
To potentially improve productivity and efficiency

How Does It Work?

Course duration is 2 hours in your own car
With our coaching techniques, we will help you drive more economically
Motoring saving cost is 10% - 20% a year

Book today and start saving.