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The Purpose of Corporate Driver Training is to:

  • reduce the risk of a driving-related accident
  • reduce the stress caused by driving
  • reduce the potential time taken away from work due to an accident of stress-related illness
  • reduce the potential of long term disability
  • reduce the potential of trauma to your family or other road users
  • reduce the potential cost of vehicle repairs
  • potentially reduce or contain vehicle insurance costs
  • potentially reduce or contain employer liability costs
  • potentially reduce additional employee cover costs
  • potentially improve productivity and efficiency

How can retraining help?

  • improve the driver's psycho motor skills
  • improve the driver's cognitive skills
  • improve the driver's effective skills

However - No re-training programme can operate in isolation. It requires co-operation and motivation from both the company drivers and the company.

The need

Part of the Government's strategy is to reduce casualty figures, to encourage companies to have their high-mileage drivers assessed and, if necessary, re-trained periodically. Currently few companies adopt this policy. Another need is for employees to maintain their improved knowledge and skill levels once the training is complete.

Benefits for the trainer

  • Generally the trainer or re-trainer of company drivers should be able to achieve a higher income that of the trainer of learners.
  • It is not likely that companies will want employees assessed or trained at weekends, or during the evenings. This would incur overtime rates.
  • There will normally be no requirement for a test.
  • You will be working with experienced drivers.
  • It is also unlikely you will be working with anyone younger than 21.
  • There will be the prospect of a new and exciting challenge.
  • You will probably be working in different areas of the country.

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