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Fleet training

Our Fleet Training program focuses on safety and defensive driving, with skid car, wet braking and emergency lane change exercises.

This customizable course is an ideal fit for companies with employees driving fleet vehicles, security personnel, chauffeurs, emergency service drivers, police officers and civic officials.

Why Fleet Training?

As part of the Government's strategy to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on Britain's roads they are pursuing a programme of driving assessment and, if necessary, re-training for drivers who are potentially at higher risk than normal.

Currently the scheme is voluntary but research shows that companies who take part in the scheme can potentially reduce their operating costs and offer health and safety benefits to their drivers.

What does fleet training offer?

Assessment and Re-Training.

  • To seek the aspects of the driver's skills that could be adjusted to reduce risks
  • To suggest and perhaps demonstrate corrective measures that should counter these risk elements.

Every driver is at potential risk whenever they are driving. The purpose of assessment and correction is to try and reduce the risks to as low a level as possible.

Adjustments to the driving skills

Improvement to driving skills can only be made with acceptance and self-motivation, particularly as there is no requirement for a further formal driving test.


Danco Driver Training already has a course to prepare ADIs wishing to take the DSA Fleet Trainers' examination but this course is designed to gain DSA Accreditation and so will allow a wider range of ADIs direct access to the Fleet Driver Register.

Any fleet driver who has taken an assessment and, if necessary, re-training by an Instructor on behalf of Driver Training Consultancy will be offered an intermediate progress record of their driving skills, followed by a certificate upon completion of the programme indicating the skill levels achieved.

In addition, and in certain circumstances, an initial and/or final appraisal may be available from staff of the Driving Standards Agency. A certificate of competence will be offered to successful drivers.

For more details of the scheme contact Danco Driver Training.

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