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The Check Test is Changing –Are You?6

Did you know that the DSA are well on the way towards implementing a
completely new Check-Test marking system?

To help ensure that you have some of the core skills necessary for the Client
Centred Learning that the new system will be assessed, contact Danco Driving School.

Now that the DSA are committed to changing Check-Test Marking in order to
better measure the relationship between teaching and learning, the development of
effective communication skills is becoming as important for the Check-Test as it
is for a successful business. 

Take check test to maintain your Approved Driving Instructor Registration.


If you are a registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), you will need to take a test of your 'continued ability and fitness to give instruction' during your period of registration. These are commonly known as 'check tests'.

Check tests are carried out by a supervising examiner from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

ADI Check Test (Upgrade)

This course is designed for the ADI who is seriously looking to improve the quality of their tuition and ADI Check Test grade. This is a comprehensive overhaul of all aspects of your current instructional technique.

Purpose of the check test

To ensure that acceptable standards of instruction are being maintained;
To give the Supervising Examiner an opportunity to offer advice and guidance on the way instruction can be improved
The Supervising Examiner is there to help; he is not looking for the easiest way to remove your name from the ADI register.

When does an Approved Driving Instructor need to take check tests and what's involved?

As a registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), you may have to take a check test at any time during your period of registration.

How check tests are carried out?

A check test usually involves the examiner assessing your instructional ability by watching a lesson you give to a real pupil. If you don't have a pupil available, you may give instruction to someone who holds a full driving licence or the Examiner(role play check test), but you will need to make your level of instruction right for their ability. The check test is a chance for you to show your ability to instruct pupils and to get professional guidance on where you could improve

Grading a check test

Although the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Registrar may remove your name from the Register after one substandard check test, if you get a grade of two or three, you will usually have two more attempts to meet the required standard.

If you need a third test, a more senior examiner will take it to make sure that the process is fair and transparent.

If you don't reach an acceptable standard in those three consecutive check tests, the ADI Registrar will start the process of removing you from the Register. Before your name can be re-entered onto the Register, you will have to retake - and pass - all the ADI qualifying examinations.

If you are given grade one, this is considered dangerous instruction. You are given only one more attempt with a different examiner to demonstrate that you can meet the required standard. If you can't, the ADI Registrar will begin the process of removing your name from the Register.